How full are ICUs for a given state?

How full is the ICU overall in terms of staffed adult beds on a given week in a given state? Enter the state's two digit postal code below and hit 'Run SQL'.

Note that this query leaves out hospitals averaging less than 4 ICU COVID beds weekly, which may be a large fraction of small hospitals. This query also ignores lines where this data is blank. This is calculated as:
icu_occupancy_fraction = staffed_adult_icu_bed_occupancy_7_day_avg /total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_7_day_avg
How full is the ICU in terms of confirmed or suspected COVID patients? This is calculated as:
covid_icu_fraction = staffed_icu_adult_patients_confirmed_and_suspected_covid_7_day_avg /total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_7_day_avg

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select hospital_name,  hospital_subtype, collection_week,     city,   state,   zip, fips_code,   ccn, (0.0+staffed_adult_icu_bed_occupancy_7_day_avg)/total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_7_day_avg as icu_occupancy_fraction, (0.0+staffed_icu_adult_patients_confirmed_and_suspected_covid_7_day_avg)/total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_7_day_avg as covid_icu_fraction, total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_7_day_avg, staffed_adult_icu_bed_occupancy_7_day_avg, staffed_icu_adult_patients_confirmed_and_suspected_covid_7_day_avg from   hosp_capacity where  not total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_7_day_avg = '' and total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_7_day_avg > 0 and collection_week = '2022/03/04' and covid_icu_fraction > 0 and state like :state order by covid_icu_fraction desc;

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